FSX R.i.p. Fsx kml

After a long period of sickness the FSX KML tool has come to rest in peace. It was loved by many, hated by none and everybody expressed sadness when the first signs of degenerative illness started showing in the life of FSX KML.

FSX KML now rests in peace and is survived by its brother SBuilderX.

Joke aside, really, I was using FSX KML *extensively* in ALL my scenery projects (I have around 20 in various stages of completion) but got tired of all the tweaking to overcome the aging problems. Even the PRe FSX KML didn't help much in my system.

I must admit I tried to "learn" SBuilderX about 4 times and failed miserably because the processes where not intuitive to me and some plugin DLLs were broken. However, that has been overcome and I must say the tool has features that I always desired in FSX KML (but never got), for example a visual representation of the FSX library object/landclass/waterclass/etc. and the ability to work with maps right from the application rather than using GE.

The time invested in learning SBuilderX (which isn't perfect, I admit and has its own annoyances) is well worth the trouble. I have now put an end to FSX KML and will be migrating my projects to SBuilderX, new ones (several) are already in SBX.

It is a pity the author didn't find the time to take this tool (FSX KML) to the heights it could have reached nor let anybody else pick up the flag and ensure continued development.

My advise to newbies, go for SBX (also in FS Developer) rather than stumping your own arm with a broken tool, time is precious and especially in scenery development that requires so many adjust-compile-deploy-test cycles.