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Radio Event

Hi all,

i can't find the event which allows to select nav1/2 or adf1/2 as rmi indicator.

After some investigations i tried to find events attached to RMI by using FSUIPC logs console.

Unfortunately when i switch the RMI between VOR1/2 or ADF1/2 there are no events displayed in the console (other events on other gauges work fine).

Any idea ?

Thanks for your help.

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There are no events to select NAV1/NAV2 or ADF1/ADF2.
It's a matter of reading the particular variable you want. You need to use some type of local variable to select the one you wanted.


Thanks for your reply

Not sure I understand.

When you select ADF1/2 or VOR1/2 on the RMI Gauge of a 182 for example how the RMI gets the good radial given by the frequency of the NDB or VOR station choosen.

I thought there was an event when you choose VOR1/2 or ADF1/2 on RMI gauge which gives the good radial but obviously not.

Would it mean the RMI gauge reads the NAV/ADF Radial values and i can't interact with it ?

Thx for your help

The gauge is using an internally declared variable. When you click on the gauge's mouse area, the gauge toggles the internal variable:

int x = 0;

void __stdcall MouseFunction()
x = !x;

if ( x == 0 ) {read VOR1}
if ( x == 1 ) {read VOR2}


Ok, if I well understand, it means i can't make an external radio/gauge program which can tune the rmi displayed in FSX on VOR1/2 or ADF/1/2.

Right ?
You might be able to get around it. If the RMI guage is XML then you could change the variables it's displaying from A: variables to custom L:variables, and then create yourself a new hidden (null graphic) gauge that sets that L: var to either the A: 1 or 2 variable depending on an outside condition, like a custom event.

Thanks for your Help Simon and Ddawson.

I needed to understand the logic of RMI Gauge and the ability to control it or not from an external program.
I understand its not possible.

This gauge has its internal mechanism with no events to control it in the api of simconnect.

I found another way to build my program. :D