FSXA RAF Brüggen redu_X

Wow - sorry, again such a delay :(
Frits, hopefully, I can manage the approach lights by using the Airfield Lights Toolbox Tool for the appo lights and adding them on wooden poles. Further landmarks are not planned. Watch out for the forest, that's landmark enough from farer distance :p

Currently, I am setting first parkings, just as indication for later Sqadron area objects, for example the blast walls.

Here the first areas (northwest and southeast), just a simple setting :



Resource contributor
Looks great Manfred, can't wait to fly there! Just don't include any trucks on the site, bad memories ;)
Thank you. There'd been a long time without progress, so happy to show it's going on...

Also the 17sqn area to the north east now is taking a step forward....

...and some more buildings take shape...

Surprise, surprise - project is not dead!

While having a break at RAF Gütersloh (too hot for small details like putting up traffic signs, digging in fence poles, connecting taxiway spots...) I changed over to RAF Brüggen again. It's much easier to cover the air base with big ground polys to get a proper success (just when it's hot outside....) Here some first impressions....


Christian Bahr

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I'm not a big fan of military flight simulation. But I'm a fan of good software. Your scenery looks good so far. How should that look until it's done :)
Thank you, Christian. Well, it isn't a military flight simulation - it's the P3D. but it has to get a mention that those days lots of military air bases were part germany during cold war. So to me, showing the years between the 80s and 90s is logical consistent to have military air bases around. To simulate those days without them is a sim without reality to my mind...


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But most time consuming work is creating the hard surface polys like concrete and asphalt to make them look real.
Agreed... now look (again) at you screenshots Manfred. It is definitely worth the effort you put into it! .


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Nice Manfred!

Q: Are these real 3D volumetric trees you have added to the environment (since they show a for of shade underneath)?
Thank you, Ronald. No, those are shots out of P3Dv4. In P3Dv4, the Alpha Channel shows the true Alpha textures, no more square planes on ground :)...

Christian Bahr

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Hi Manfred.

This looks very good! I'm already looking forward to your scenery. Everything fits together here: textures, models and the ground layout:)