FSXA RAF Brüggen redu_X

Hello Manfred,

Your development of this scenery is fantastic!
When its finished would it be available as freeware, payware or is it just a personal project?

Ha - looks like a personal project indeed, but it will be Freeware. Current status is working on the seasonal textures and some minor details (moving hangar doors, cars, traffic signes etc.). Simultaneously, I try to get RAF Gütersloh at same stage, but I damn my real life job each day :banghead:. So all please be patient....
Wow that's fantastic! Especially with all the SODE gateways etc very cool! Your RAF Gutersloh look brilliant too! I've just taken advantage of the 50% off and downloaded the Orbx Germany North to getting used flying the terrain.
No worries regarding release as I know the feeling when you have a busy real life job. Amazing work on this! Best wishes.

Christian Bahr

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Hi Manschy.

But that looks really good, because you get really great pleasure landing there. Atmospheric pictures - suitable for the season :)

Payware or Freeware?
Looks absolutely brilliant. Very atmospheric shots indeed. I have a colleague who was stationed at RAF Bruggen for a time so looking forward to flying from there as he did. Do you think you might include aircraft startup from inside the HAS or even HAS doors controlled by SODE?
I am very happy to see your take of the 'Werfthalle', a design that dates back to the Third Reich, and was used at a great many wartime and postwar airfields, including RAF Wildenrath and Gatow, now the site of the Luftwaffe museum.

On a side note, when they opened that Hangar 1 in Gatow, e.g. for sheltering a Hastings, the way they did it was as follows. They opened a crack at the second hinged element from the right hand side, folded the two elements fully up, and manually pushed them into the right hand wing. They repeated that operation on both the right and the left hand side, often simultaneously, until the hangar was fully opened up. If memory serves there was a total of 14 elements. Things may be different now that everything electrically operated and, who knows, voice controlled. At any rate, realizing that old manual operation would be quite an animation challenge.

Manfred (the other one)
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