FSXA RAF Brüggen redu_X

Thank you very much.
@ Manfred, the other one:

Now I have finally 3 different kind of door movements:
- Simple gliding
- Double folded

and now spinning and sliding:

Maybe this comes close to your idea? it shows a little the different movements and the hassle with those big doors those days....

Today I want to show you the latest update of RAF Brüggen - the first adding of specular maps which shows sun reflections on different ground polygons. I noticed most of you designers use this technique already, so it was a duty to learn this...

Lookin' good, Manfred; and looking forward to seeing the hangar doors animation in action (video?).

Went through my files and found some pics of the standard rectification hangar, as mentioned earlier. This is the one in Gatow, about 1965.

And this one was taken on an open day in Noervenich:

This second pic shows the hinges to good effect. Interesting thing is the Gatow hangar apparently has 14 hinged/folding units, like most other extant hangars of the type, I believe, whereas the Noervenich hangar has 16. Yours seems to have 18, but you will have checked that against photos, I am sure.
Thank you, Manfred.

Regarding the doors numbers:
I just use those from RAF Gütersloh to reduce my designing effort. Furthermore, I simply made a compromise between appearance and feasibility.
But you are right - these doors in Noervenich seem to be the same style like the models in Gütersloh, Brüggen and many other RAF buildings those days...
Please accept my apologies, I know about the slow progress (on the one hand really few spare time, on the other hand too little brain to dig the skills quick enough which are needed for hitch-free designing :rolleyes::p...)
Anyway, today some first shots of the ongoing night texturing (even this was not easy to me to get the light cones transparent at night - thanks therefore to Dave Hoeffgen...)

QRA lighting (includes dynamic lighting but man, that drops frames in a really hard way...)

First road lighting (Dave, great parametres for getting this...)