FS2004 raise default ground alt

I've done this before with some success, but I have forgotten what I did!

How do I raise the default ground level? Will Xbuilder work? I have Sbuilder but I can't seem to get it running correctly.

I have an airfield down deep in a hole! FS9 Has a few of these here and there. I've been warned in the past not to do this but we mess with things anyway, don't we! I do save copies of orig files.

Need to raise default EL from about 899.16 meters to about 1190.21352 meters. i.e. from about 2957.1 to about 3904.9 feet.

file in FS9 is scenery\namw\scenery ap914100.bgl Tried changing the alt at cbh4 after disassemble to xml, changed, saved, recompiled. Didn't work. But of course it didn't work! Why should I think it would have? bwahahaha! Any ideas? thanx! Bob


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Did you try to make a new flatten at the correct altitude?
I think I tried that with Xbuilder, but I don't really know if Xbuilder will work on FS9. On restart I found myself at that alt but in midair with the default airport still down below. Afcad shows the new alt in properties but everything is still at the old el.... ground and airport. Bob
Hi Bob:

For clarity as to what utilities we're dealing with here:

SBuilder 2.06 is for FS9 (sometimes abbreviated as 'SB9' in forums):


SBuilderX 3.13 is for FSX (sometimes abbreviated as 'SBX' in forums):


ExcBuilder v2 is for FS9:


Thus far I couldn't find any info Googling for a FS utility named 'Xbuilder'... were you referring to "SBuilderX" ? :confused:

PS: In Airport Design Editor (ADE) or Airport Facilitator X (AFX), set all airport elevations (RWYs, Airport Reference Point aka "ARP" (and any custom textured ground poly Aprons/Taxiways as well) to the same altitude in Feet or Meters, then one's ADE or AFX Aprons/Taxiways will follow those elevations automatically... as will AI Traffic (usually).

In some cases, custom textured ground poly Aprons/Taxiways must be raised a small amount (ex: +0.0125 Meters /+0.04101038 Feet... to as much as +0.021 Meters / +0.06889743 Feet) to eliminate "flickering" due to Z-Buffer Fighting between that custom ground poly and the underlying Airport background.


Underlying airport flattens must be made separately for FSX, and must match the elevation of the RWYs / ARP.

Doing that clears up most plateau/trough issues, but sometimes a surrounding 'skirt' of sloped flattens is also needed to blend the airport properly into terrain outside the "central" airport background flatten area.

ADE: http://www.airportdesigneditor.co.uk/

Support: http://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=95

AFX: http://www.flight1.com/products.asp?product=afxv1

Support: http://www.simforums.com/forums/instant-scenery-instant-mission-maker-afx-forum_forum31.html

Hope this helps ! :)

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Just tried with Sbuilder- same thing. Aha! That's right! with Afcad you have to set el for rwys etc as well. Will try that. Bob


Got a raised rwy with airfield still below. Trying to raise the ground. And then put airfield on top of new ground. Bob
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Hi Bob:

Finally having multiple scenery utilities available for FSX to remember the names of ... is a good problem for all of us ! :D

I seemed to have corrected the default ground EL at CBH4 (Prairie Creek). I did set the EL for rwy and ref point but nothing changed. So, on a whim I added an apron around the rwy. Viola! ground is proper now. But I just checked further. Ground is on a plateau surrounding the apron. Still figuringout how to get surrounding ground to come up also. I'm sure there is a way. Bob
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OK- I haven't a clue why this happened... Restarted FS9 and found the ground now is just fine and dandy!

I did do something in addition, but I don't think this has anything to do with this. I added an NDB a good distance away as we have in our virtual airline "club". Anyway things do seem to be working so far. Bob