FS2004 Rare lines in the ground

Hi, this problem appears in the scenery im currently working on... the issue appears sometimes, not all the time... it seems to be something related to the ground polys.
What's the solution? Thank you



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Looks like the default ground appears from below. Is everything flattened correctly?
Hi, thank you for the reply, it should be... i made a flatten that covers the entire airport with ADE, and its set to the default airport altitude.
Arno, i found out the problem is related to the SCASM lights, however they are set 0.5m above the ground... If i take them out the problem disappears.. so i think i will need to make the lights with single effects...
By the way, I never realised about this until i made a flight from another airport, if i start from my airport the problem wont show up.
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