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I down loaded Ray Smith's newer EDDM the other day. Everything was showing up. I opened it up in ADE to add some approaches and fix some of the parking spots (some had medium gates that were heavy. And I like to have GA parking with directional parking location I.E E_parking. When done I compiled. When I went to EDDM in FSX:se, the library objects weren't showing. I have many of his airports and even his earlier EDDM, and haven't had any problems. If I open the bgl, it still shows the library objects, but not in the sim. If I don't mess with the original everything shows. Any one know why this would happen? I've sent an email to Ray, but haven't had a reply yet. I tried to upload the bgl, but the server had an error.
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I am not used to Ray Smith airports, but from the few I know, there are various ways to display objects into an airport scenery:
* the airport is released with a main bgl file, eventually a _cvx.bgl (exclusions or flatten file), and an objects bgl,
* the airport is released with a main bgl file, eventually a _cvx.bgl (exclusions or flatten file), and various bgl's containing various objects,
* the various objects are included into the main bgl file, for instance by import of the necessary models into the airport before compiling the airport, and eventually you might also have a _cvx.bgl.

If you want to check if any objects into a bgl file, you can install ModerConverterX (MCX in short), and import your bgl file into MCX. It will tell you if, how much, and which objects have been found into the bgl file.
If the scenery has imported models, if you recompile without importing the necessary models (understand you have them on your PC), the relevant objects will not be included into your recompiled file.

Also remember that such alterations to original files are only permitted for your own and private use, but that if you wish to pass your rework to some buddies of yours, you must have authorization or approval from the original developper.

Anyway, I guess some of the talented Airport specialists checking this forums will provide you with more useful information.

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I discovered that Ray's file was 3.8mbs, and if I added approaches to the file it was 223Kb. He didn't split the afcad and object files. Well unless he has a separate object file, I just have to live with it. He had some medium parking gates that should have been heavy (36 meters). I like having approaches updated so fsx atc don't have you going all over the place, they hand me off at the approach waypoint I made (IF) then contact tower when turning on finial .
Have been checking Avsim and Flightsim. 2 x EDDM available for FSX from Ray Smith.
The earlier one (fsx_eddm_rs.zip) does have 3 x bgl's, of which a EDDM_OBJ.bgl, which contains various scenery objects
The latest one (fsx_eddm_rs_371979.zip) has only 2 x bgl's, and the scenery objects (49 as per modelConverterX) are included into the EDDM_RS.bgl.
I only have here the P3Dv4 SDK, and am certainly not an ADE Guru, but my feeling is that if you do not include back the objects when re-compiling, you will not get them into the final airport file.
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That's what I thought. It showed the objects in ADE, but when you compile it didn't have the files needed then. I messaged Ray to see if he could seen me one with the objects separated. Haven't heard anything yet. I'll just stay with his without new approaches.
Included objects created by any addon developper, and specially freeware authors, are the property of their authors, which may, or may not, wish to have them available outside from their own channel. Making contact to the original author is the right method.

However, if you intend to amend the original files for your own and private use on your own PC, for gaining some know-how on amending your airport sceneries, and that you have the FSX SDK installed on your PC, you can have a look at following softwares:
* ModelConverterX,
* Library Creator,
and of course their user manuals and wikis.

The first one can "export" the models found into a bgl file for use in the sim version for which you have the SDK(s), the second will allow you to create from all the collected models an objects library for your airport.
This is one way I found to have objects displaying into ADE (footprints amongst others) as well as in the sim when trying to amend an airport scenery.
At my side, I was trying to make an FSX scenery - but also containing some objects compiled for FS9 - compatible with my P3Dv4. After some "try and test", the original author was kind enough to let me have the troublesome objects re-compiled as true FSX models, and my P3D4 did accept them without any issue once the xxx_OBJ.bgl was generated.

I have not tried so far to import models directly into an airport file, thus can not give some advice on that process.

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I'm not that good at that. I do have both programs. I can take some stock airports and add generic and library objects, add approaches and such. My problem with library objects is not all show thumb nails, so it's just guessing what they look like. A lot of open/closing FSX.
Possibly some wrong settings?

I would suggest you check you have latest development release of MCX, and also check (Options in the menu bar) the path for at least following items:
* Exporter settings -> BGL Writer
* Exporter settings -> BGLXFlatWriter
* Exporter settings -> MDLWriter
* Texture settings -> Texture Writer -> ImageToolPath
* FS related sittings -> FS -> FSXPath
* FS related sittings -> FS -> ModelDefPath
* FS related sittings -> FS -> PreferedFSVersion

By the way, your decimal separator should be a dot, not a coma or other type.

Now you import EDDM_RS.bgl into MCX. It should report up to 49 objects, first one being ams_tower.
Converted as P3D4 mdl file, I get here a 75.1 Ko (76 974 octets) mdl file.
As I have neither any FSX version nor any FSX (or earlier P3D) SDK on my PC, I can not test file processing for an other sim...

Hoping this helps