RC file woes

Good morning devs,

I was happily working away on my gauge this morning and When I compiled to do some testing I got the following error : RC2135 file not found: res\Comm1\Co1_cpt.BMP and the same for all the BMPS relating to my Com textures.

Ive had a look on variaious posts from stackoverflow and the MSDN sites, from my understanding it could be a problem with the RC being compiled in the incorrect format.

Now I did change from vs2008 to vs2015 community edition, and updated the project when VS asked me too.

my RC file

My header file

has anybody came across this problem before?

Thank you
hey guys

I can confirm that everything compiled with no issues before hand, and the only changes made was changing from vs2008 to vs2015. Originally the texures where coms is now was used for a different gauge. I changed the gauge to 3d and made the changes to use textures for coms instead.

I tried commenting out the problem gauge and the file compiled with out any problems. I'm going to go through it line by line and try compiling with just one BMP at a time.
Thank you for the link Bill ill take a read through it tonight.



Resource contributor
Okay... I'm going to tell you to do something really stupid. The RC and H file screenshots indicate that those two files are seeing each other correctly, but is the C/CPP file seeing them? Open the C/CPP file and make sure that the bitmap names are all in purple/violet. Remove one and type it back in - if the colour remains white, open the gauge master file, the RC file and the H file in that order. This forces VS to re-read the resources and you should see the bitmap name in the C/CPP file change colour to violet. The bigger the gauge, the slower VS is at recognising all the linkages between code and resources.

Lastly, CLEAN the project before doing a REBUILD.

It probably won't help but yes, I do see that behaviour and that's how I fix it.
I have tried all the tips, when deleting the text and then re-writing it went straight to the purple/vilot colour almost instantly. I then tried your other tip, but when I tired to open the RC file in the VS text editor, it complained about the bitmaps, that it could not find them. I am going to create a new RC file with the same name and rename the old one and then copy paste to see if that works, ill update here if that works

Thank you guys for the help so far

I fixed my issue. It was a naming convention that I missed. The comm 1 folder should have been comm1. dang whitespace lol. I need more coffee :coffee: