READ FIRST: FSX SDK installation (all versions)

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Please note :)

* The SDK will not work.
* The FSX in-game Tools/Extras menu will not display.
* 3rd party tools may not work, or function correctly.

UNLESS you install the appropriate SDK SP version,
which corresponds to your FSX game SP version.

Also for ADE please note that you must install AT LEAST SP1A of the SDK otherwise you will get compiler errors such as:

* Cannot compile boundary fences
* More than 255 airline codes at a parking spot.

How-To -
Please see - SDK Installation (FSX)

Troubleshooting -
Please see the link above,
and follow instructions from there.

Help Requests -
Please ensure all SDK Installation help requests -
* ARE posted in the SDK Installation forum.
* INCLUDE your ADE-CHECK report.

Many Thanks
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