Realistic Water Textures

No, it is not quite there yet.
I have been trying to make darker water in FSX, but can't seem to get it right. When making the water.r8 texture darker, it bearly show in the sim. It seems like this texturefile, only affect a little bit of the sea.

Does anyone know how to make the coulor darker?

Here in Norway, our sea is almost black. There was a great addon to FS9 witch made the sea look pictureperfect.
This is more like i want:

This is how FSX Norwegian fjords look like:

...far to bright.

Can anyone tell me witch files needs to be altered?
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Hi all.

You can make the water color what you want by making a waterclass BGL and use altered textures for it in a local 'TEXTURE' folder. You need to include all the textures used by your waterclass BGL.

Or you may find a color you like, and simply use that number in a waterclass BGL.

The waterclass textures are named similar to:


And they are named 301 through 360.

I did a bit of reading, and found out that a lot is done if i could change the water class. I could see the different classes with the viewer, but could'nt find out where to change the values for my "sector".
Can someone point out a good tutorial for me to learn to change the classes?


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Guys, please do discussions in the discussion forums (for example about the mesh scenery for this subject). Don't have discussions here in this wishlist forum, that will make things very hard to follow and find back later. Thanks.