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Really new to Airport design - AutoGen Exclusion

I have searched the forum trying to find info on what I am trying to do even though I am not sure what I am trying to do. I want to remove all of the stock (auto-gen the same?) buildings and replace with other scenery like from ez-scenery.
Which Sim? If FS2004 (one of your key words), then click the button with a big yellow square on it and create rectangles that define where you want to remove the buildings. If you only want to remove library objects and generic buildings uncheck the All box and click those choices in the Properties for the rectangle. That should take care of the buildings. If you want to remove autogen you must click the All box, but this removes everything (including taxi signs, etc). You can make as many rectangles as you like to avoid things you want to keep. Note that this will create a second BGL file when you compile your airport, as I remember. You need both.

BTW, if they get in the way of your editing, use the View menu to hide Exclusions. You may need to choose it twice to remove any you just created.
Thanks Tom that helps.
I am trying to connect to FS9 but I am unable. I have a gaming laptop that has not DVD drive and I had to do a manual registry entry because I was unable to run the install from DVD. I have included some screen snaps to see if that will help figure out what I have done.


  • 2018-08-16 Connect Error.JPG
    2018-08-16 Connect Error.JPG
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  • FS9 Registery Entry.JPG
    FS9 Registery Entry.JPG
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  • FSUIP in modules.JPG
    FSUIP in modules.JPG
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I just and I am still having problems with ADE connecting. I have attached some screen captures to see if there are any clues there.


  • Fs 9.0 entry.JPG
    Fs 9.0 entry.JPG
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  • ADE FSUIPC not running.JPG
    ADE FSUIPC not running.JPG
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  • FS 9.1 entry.JPG
    FS 9.1 entry.JPG
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  • FSUIPC in modules.JPG
    FSUIPC in modules.JPG
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  • registered fsuipc shown in sim.JPG
    registered fsuipc shown in sim.JPG
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  • wrong fsuipc fs ver.JPG
    wrong fsuipc fs ver.JPG
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  • registry error.JPG
    registry error.JPG
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  • registry entry simConnect.JPG
    registry entry simConnect.JPG
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The key is on your FS2004 startup screen. It states Registry Error. Why not download the Flight1 Registry Fix program and point that to your FS2004 installation? It's free.


Be certain to install FSUIPC version 3.9x for FS2004 (aka "FS9") in the [FS2004 install path]\Modules sub-folder:




...and configure the FS2004.exe install path into Windows Registry as Tom alludes to above via FSX/FS9 Registry Repair Tool


BTW: Although ADE9x comes with a FS2004 compatible copy of BGLComp.exe and BGLComp.xsd, the full FS2004 SDK is here:


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Thanks for your Ideas on my problems. It appears that the registry problem may be fixed but I am still unable to connect to ADE. When I have FSUIPC 3.9 in the Modules folder of FS9, the sim will load the module. When I have the FSUIPC4 in the folder the sim will NOT load the FSUIPC4.dll. I have again attached some screen captures in hopes they will aide in figuring out the problem.


  • FSUIPC4 loadingto FS9.JPG
    FSUIPC4 loadingto FS9.JPG
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  • FUSIPC 4 FSX SE Install.JPG
    FUSIPC 4 FSX SE Install.JPG
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  • end repair message.JPG
    end repair message.JPG
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  • FSUIPC 3.9 loaded in FS9.JPG
    FSUIPC 3.9 loaded in FS9.JPG
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  • FSUIPC Logs.zip
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Hi again:

* Are you the FSUIPC registrant named "Simon" ?

If so, have you received and entered an activation code for the "Registered" version of FSUIPC ? :scratchch

BTW: The "official" FSUIPC support forum is here:


Regardless, you should be able to use the freeware (un-registered) version of FSUIPC with all features in ADE9x. :idea:

PS: Note that I corrected the FSUIPC version number to be used with FS2004 in my post above (sorry for the original posting error).

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Do you think it is a FUSIPC problem? I am the registered owner, Simon, of FUSIPC.

IIUC, that would be pronounced "FUSSY-PC", which may possibly involve issues entirely unrelated to FSUIPC. ;)

IMHO, it would be worthwhile to first try uninstalling any version of FSUIPC currently installed, then reinstall FSUIPC version 3.x, before considering other troubleshooting procedures.

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BTW: Your FSUIPC install logs attached above show that you did not yet have the FS9.1 "Update" installed when you installed FSUIPC.

Note that FS9.1 "Update" by MS-ACES is separate and distinct from-, and is to be installed before- a so-called FS9.1 "No-CD" Patch Tom referred to above:


FYI: The FS9.1 "No-CD" Patch is separate and distinct from the FS9.0 "No-CD" Patch

Note that any such FS9.0 "No-CD" Patch you may be using is going to be over-written by the FS9.1 "Update" by MS-ACES and the FS9.1 "No-CD" Patch

Be certain that FS9.0, and the FS9.1 "Update" by MS-ACES, as well as the FS9.1 "No-CD" Patch ...are all installed before installing FSUIPC version 3.x.:pushpin:

Get the FS9.1 "Update" by MS-ACES here:



Note that FS9.1 "Update" by MS-ACES has an inventory list of FS9.0 default FS2004 files which it "intends" to update.

All those default FS2004 files must be present in the FS9 folder chain in order for the "FS9.1 Update" by MS-ACES to proceed successfully, so do not remove- or perform any significant modifications to- FS2004 default files after FS9.0 is installed, and prior to attempting the install that "FS9.1 Update".

IIRC, the FS9.1 "Update" by MS-ACES will leave untouched, any user-created and/or other 3rd party custom non-default files located in the FS2004 folder chain, provided that they do not remove / replace default files.

Run the installation of the FS9.1 "Update" by MS-ACES from inside your main root folder of FS2004, which according to the FSUIPC log above is located at:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator 9


Thus, an install sequence for the above may be:

1.) FS9.0 from files / folders on hard disk or other storage drive copied from original purchased FS2004 CD set

2.) FS9.1 Update by MS-ACES

3.) FS9.1 "No-CD" Patch

4.) FSUIPC version 3.x

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And at one point you installed FSUIPC version 4 into FS2004 - be sure to remove that, it's not compatible. 3.999 is the last compatible version.
I am not finding any update by the MS-ACES. Is it the update that is titled just FS91UPD? I have installed as shown by you, but it will not connect.
Looking at the FUSIPC log (attached) in the FS9 folder it appears everything is as it should be. Should I un-install and re-install ADE to see if it will connect. My purpose its to modify some stock Airports for AI traffic and parking. I want it to connect so I can define some excludes.


  • FUSIPC Log.zip
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Hi Simon:

This post is intended to address the underlying goal you expressed in your opening post (aka "OP") above, wherein you had proposed excluding FS9 autogen objects using EZ-Scenery.

Subsequently you also expressed an interest in the option of using ADE9x to create Exclusion Rectangles internally compiled by ADE via FS9 SDK BGLComp (these must be distinguished from CVX Vector Terrain object Exclude Polygons compiled by ADE via FSX SDK SHP2VEC which only works when ADE is running in FSX mode, and which only works on FSX or P3D Autogen placement of objects).

I am inclined to question and verify some of the info contained in the thread linked immediately below, with regards to an inferred limitation of the capabilities of EZ-Scenery to exclude FS9 Autogen objects that would otherwise require one to only exclude such Autogen object placement by use of FS9 SDK BGLComp Exclusion Rectangles set to "Exclude All":


FYI: I am compelled to consider that there may be an option to exclude FS9 Autogen object placement via superimposed placement of certain custom scenery library objects ...by the statement made in this thread by "FSDiscoverer" (aka the developer of EZ-Scenery and Instant Scenery ? ;) ):


"Instant Scenery on its own cannot delete objects. There is a downloadable exclusion object that suppresses autogen scenery in a small area, you can place it with IS. However, you cannot delete objects explicitly placed into scenery this way, like hangars or landmark buildings. "

While non-MDL format 3D models of flat Ground Polygons compiled via BGLC and/or SCASM may exclude Autogen objects via a somewhat different sub-system in the FS run time rendering engine, the same process of Autogen exclusion by Bounding Boxes of 3D models in the MDL format (...even when compiled via FS2002 SDK MakeMDL ? ) which are placed via BGLComp XML methods (such as is done by EZ-Scenery and/or Instant Scenery) ...is discussed here:


I would also have to refresh my memory as to which object types are utilized for the Night lighting referred to in this thread discussing UT-USA and Autogen exclusion wherein quantumleap (IIRC, Jeff Parker as author of QLR4UT) states:

"It is a design/limitation of the FS9 scenery engine that it will not place autogen where other objects are placed"


BTW: Regarding QLR4UT:

http://www.qlrp4ut.com/Download and Install



IMHO, you would likely experience a substantial enhancement of your scenery customization abilities by replacing EZ-Scenery with its newer successor (by the same author Konstantin Kukushkin) from Flight1 now called "Instant Scenery" (aka "IS", "IS2", "IS3" etc.),

Instant Scenery 3 - Product info and download links:


But, IIRC, you would still be able to achieve your original goal of selectively excluding individual FS9 Autogen objects using EZ-Scenery by use of a freely available 3rd party scenery library object cited in this thread:

Exclusion Boxes for use with Instant Scenery
Author: John Dutton


...downloadable from this thread:


Some related info:



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