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Receiving mission events


does anybody know how to receive mission events like trigger, dialogs... with simconnect?

The following C# code seems to do nothing at all:

simconnect.OnRecvCustomAction += new SimConnect.RecvCustomActionEventHandler(simconnect_OnRecvCustomAction);


simconnect.AddClientEventToNotificationGroup(NGROUP.EVENT_GROUP, EVENTS.EVENT_MISSION_ACTION, false);

void simconnect_OnRecvCustomAction(SimConnect sender, SIMCONNECT_RECV_CUSTOM_ACTION data)
            Guid nummer = new Guid("{388B86F0-D051-45C4-8718-B6256DDFDD4D}");
            if (data.guidInstanceId ==nummer)
                bremse.Text = "Event received";
Is there an error (of course there is :confused: )? Has anybody suggestions or having a working snippet?

I too am having this problem

did you ever figure this one out?. I too am unable to receive my Custom Action Events. Everything else works fine.
Got it!

simconnect.SubscribeToSystemEvent(EVENTS.EVENT_MISSION_ACTION, "CustomMissionActionExecuted");
simconnect.OnRecvCustomAction += new SimConnect.RecvCustomActionEventHandler(simconnect_OnRecvCustomAction);

That all thats needed.

Can you help me?

I'm receiving the custom actions with the same way, but I can only get the first letter of the szPayload... Don't know, how to get the full string.