Reduce image size without loosing quality ?

Hi all!.

I have got some very good quality images planned for using in a panel design. Problem is i need to reduce the physical size of these images without loosing to much quality. My images are in BMP and PSD format.

Any ideas please ? (have tried photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, but the default resize sampling makes the quality to bad...)


See attached original image. This is is approx 400 x 200.. need it 50% smaller.. Kindly post your efforts and progress how to get accomplish this :)


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That's not an easy task to go that small. I tried everything in my arsenal and I believe the results with Irfanview 3.85 were as good as any and better than most. I used "resample" as opposed to "resize" and I used the lanczos filter, although it didn't seem to make much difference which filter I used. After resampling I applied 1 "sharpen" before I saved it. The result is attached.

PhotoShop CS2 has a "Smart Sharpen" function that has a lot of options (too many). I had fair results with it too, about the same as Irfanview. If a person were to fiddle with these options long enough you might be able to come up with something slightly better, I don't know. Maybe if you started with the actual .psd you could do better also. You could try a few different fonts and play with the anti-ailiasing settings after resizing, maybe even increase font size slightly (even increasing by .5 px or so may help).

Have you tried making the gauge full size and resizing it in the panel.cfg? I know I've had better results doing it that way in at least a few cases.

Good luck,


Hi Jim!

Thanks a lot for your effort.! Your result is quite good!.

Reason I ask rgd this is a "small" project to enhance an already existing gauge for a 3rd part addon. The gauge is very complicated, and I have got all the source bitmaps from the author. To use reshacker and just replace the images in the gauge, my new files has to be the exact same size. I am having a meeting with this person this afternoon, and I will surely ask him rgd workload for programming a new gauge with my source files without resizing them first.

Again thanx a lot Jim!