FS2004 [Released | 29Palms] - San Pedro de Atacama - SCPE

Hey there,

I just released a new scenery for FS2004 (FSX version to be released later).
Check out http://twentynine-palms.de/ for more information and download links.
I really hope you like it, feedback is always welcome :)

A big thank you goes to the whole forum, you helped me a lot to make this possible! (ADE, arno's tools etc).

Thanks :)
The FSX-version will take a little more time because I gotta get into all the new FSX-design techniques...first time for me.


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Very beautiful. Look fantastic.
I think you do this with 3dmax and texture baking.
You should write a tutorial for this. Would you mind suggest one for me if you know?
Thanks for the kind comments :)

@ jtanabodee:

I could write a tutorial for this but I want to convert the scenery for use in FSX first.
The idea was to texture every object as normal and to use VRay's "Render to Texture" method then to bake the conditions into the textures.
I simply replaced the old textures with the baked ones after the rendering process.
The problem is that every face in the scene needs its own part of a texture because no pixel is beeing lit like another.
This increases the number of textures you have in a scene but the result looks better!

@ Ztimbre:

I took some textures from "cgtextures.com", edited them a lot, put them together in Photoshop using different blending options like "multiply", made them seamless, adjusted things like contrast and sharpened them.
In the end, you can't say anymore what the source textures were ;)
Really good work," minimaliste", could one say :D, I thought always of those stone walls, could one get those wall more realistic applying bump textures ?, there is any special technic. only asking :confused:
I don't know how all you get those ground quality textures.I would like to have some technic for fsx sceneries, and get that quality.regards
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Hi... I have just installed this scenery and the textures are amazing!
But I have a problem: my plane doesn't project any shadow over the ground.
Very nice freeware scenery, but I'm experiencing a little problem. Everything else around the area is default I think.

@ Bernardo:

Yeah, I think the best to build a realistic looking stone wall is to use a bump map and more detailed modelling like smoothing the edges and to...somehow "describe" the form of a rough stone wall.

@ Luiz-Fernandez:

This is a problem that never occured before.
Are you sure that you have ticked the option in the FS9-settings that your plane should cast a shadow?

@ Avantime:

I'm working on a fix to solve this problem.
The effect of very dark textures occurs when the FS9-option is selected that scenery-objects should cast shadows.
If you uncheck this, it looks normal again.
But for "San Pedro de Atacama" it is recommended to leave it unchecked because the scenery uses baked textures where you already have a more realistic shadow baked into the textures.

If some things are still unclear, please ask here or via mail (website) :)
The FSX-version is in its beta-testing phase right now as well as an update for the FS9-version which will fix the dark texture problem :)

@ Luiz-Fernandez:

I have no idea why your plane doesn't cast shadows onto the ground.
Does this occur on other airports as well (default/AddOns) or just SCPE?
If it just happens at SCPE, I'm gonna have another look at some source codes.
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