-RELEASED- Bremen International Airport | EDDW | BRE


this is the first rendering of one of the next projects I am working on. After the releases of Marsa Alam and Agadir I will do something different this time. Maybe someone can guess the next destination? ;)

As usual I will keep you informed about the progress and the progress of the other destination which are already in the pipeline ;-)

Airside view

Landside view

Detailed objects surrounding the building will follow. The terminal will also receive an complete interior this time!
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Thanks guys! And your guess is right. This is Bremen (EDDW/BRE) in Northern Germany. It is progressing extremely well at the moment!
More progress.
Cargo center, the local flying club, Ryanair hangar and the Atlas Air Service building are completely done. The Terminal E (Ryanair) now receives its interior modelling while the work on the main terminal has just started today.
I hope you like it. More progress shots will follow very soon!

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Quick update:
The terminal is almost done. New pictures will follow soon. At the moment I am on vacation till the end of the month but I will continue with Bremen as soon as I am back.
Thanks for your Feedback!
I still owe you some new images from Bremen...
Here is the terminal (showing exhibition and eventroom "Bremenhalle" with its distinctive Sixt advertisement, visitors terrace, Gate 3 and 2 and the apron control). The building already shows the lettering of the airport's new name "Hans Koschnick" (former mayor of Bremen) which was installed 2 weeks ago.:

Terminal apron view from Terminal E to the east:

Close-up of one of the 5 pretty unique jetways (made by Aviobridge B.V., Netherlands) and the stairwell of Gate 3:

Thanks for watching and feedback! ;-)

And something else:
I am looking for the following (low poly) objects: A VW up!, VW Touran and a Cessna Citation CJ1+ as well as a BK-117 helicopter...if you can help me with this please contact me!
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Impressive, just impressive!!!!! How a detailed work so far and a really awesome demonstration of a perfect skill handling!
Hi! Nice to see someone making a scenery for Bremen, even nicer seeing such a good quality! If you need pictures from the airport, I can help you. Hope to have it soon!
Thank your for your offer. I am "on site" by myself, so pictures are no problem ;-)
I forgot to add the terminal view from the other side in my previous post. At the moment the interior modelling is in full swing...
Jetways will most likely be SODE, yes.

And this is a current real life winter impression (photo was taken yesterday evening):
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