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Those models are amazing. Every time I model those vehicles, I try to make them less polygons as much as possible. I think I will do more now.
However, if we place them individually, the fps is not so good. I need to decide between draw call batching and LOD.
Aaargghh - just skidded inside my slobber.....Where from did you get those skills? Never seen that real looking model designing. The cars look like real Matchbox models. Any chance to get living pictures in this scenery with a normal PC?

Christian Bahr

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WOW!!! Those vehicles and the BK117 are incredibly beautiful. A proper job well done, congratulations! :wizard::wizard::wizard:

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That's true. Something well created you rarely get to see. It testifies to good craftsmanship and how to get modern scenery design into the flight simulator:)
Hello guys,

thanks a lot for your kind feedback.
Despite their look all vehicles are low poly and pretty much just "look like high detail models" (e.g. the fire truck has just a very good texture applied to a more the less simple model). The same applies to all other objects. The texture work took way longer than the modelling itself!
Now I focuse on the groundpoly which I had to rebuild almost complety as it did not meet my expectations so far. As soon as this is done images from within the sim will follow!

And thanks again for watching the (way too slow) progress!

Christian Bahr

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Good things will take a while. Your Bremen Airport project will definitely be good. Give yourself the necessary time:)
It's unbelievable, what they create is fantastic.
In the quality of how they create Bremen, I would be happy if they would bring the Hannover Airport in the P3D .....;);)


Very impressive!

Did you dive right into the buildings or have you already done some sort of GP?
Keep it up!
Did you dive right into the buildings or have you already done some sort of GP?
The GP is already done (at least for summer season). Just working on textures for the last buidlings. I am struggling with my Sim computer at the moment...that is why I have not uploaded any images yet...
After way too long time you had to wait for new images here are some unedited shots directly from the sim. Still some fine-tuning has to be done and there are still some objects missing, but I think you can get a first impression of what is coming in the next couple of weeks:

Please note: Grass is much more detailed detailed as well as the "lines" on ground. I still have trouble with my sim computers graphic card! Final quality will be higher than it appears right now ;-)
Performance is great so far!

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That's simply fantastic, Jetman! What a high level of details. Just one minor constructive improvement suggestion: Cut the grass a little, that seems a little high mate ;)