RELEASED! ENFB Fornebu Airport - Bringing back a closed airport in P3D

Hello all! Thought I would share a special project I am working on at the moment, Fornebu Airport. Fornebu was the main airport serving Oslo and Eastern Norway from 1939 to 1998. It was then replaced by Oslo Airport, Gardermoen and the area has since been redeveloped.
This is how the airport used to look like back in the 90s:

Since it was closed in 1998 the area has been completely rebuild into this

So back to the development in the sim. Since the airport has been demolished for many years, it is very hard to find good pictures and documentation. However I was able to download some aerial photos from 1980 (black and white, so need to add colors) that i could use as a background image, and an old FS2004 scenery which I have ported over some of the scenery objects into P3D. I have no idea how detailed this scenery will be, but at the moment it is just a simple, fun project.
Anyways here are some early in-sim screenshots.



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I flew into Fornebu in July 1977 aboard a Laker Airways De Havilland Comet 4B. I remember it very clearly because it was the 1977 Scout Jamboree (Norjamb'77) and it was the first time I'd flown on an airliner. I'd flown sailplanes and light aircraft before but this was my first commercial flight. I say 'commercial' loosely because it was one of many chartered flights heading for all five Scandanavian countries. Gardemoen couldn't handle the traffic, so a few aircraft were sent to Fornebu instead.
Wow, this exites me! I have been wanting a working fornebu scenery for a long time, glad you took the job! I remember Jo Erlend, the man behind Mega Airport Oslo and so on, worked on fornebu sometime in 2013, though the project was later abandoned I think. Maybe you could have a talk with him and borrow some of the models he made? :)
very beautiful work.. i wished the old FS2004 Version had been this nice... sad that I am not a P3D user... so this scenery is not one of my used ones...