FSX Released! Marsa Alam, Egypt

Ah Another question: i know that the designers and the software houses don't like to give release date but... I Would only like to ask if the scenery will Be ready for christmas??? Thanks, mattia
Hi, Christmas seems unlikely but early next year is realistic.
Work is now concentrated on final airport-tuning and the surroundings.
The scenery Streichholz mentions is not mine! You can clearly see this when looking into the level of detail ;-)


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Great to hear! Those screenshots on the simmarket don't at all match what we've been able to see in thise thread. You're work looks better ;)
Modeling and texturing of the airport is entirely done now. At the moment I am looking for mistakes and correcting things which do not appear as expected. Some fine-tuning is also necessary as well as some work for the surroundings. But with Xmas ahead there should be some time to more the less get all the work done!

Just as a quick update for now.
Hi guys,

thank you so much for your nice comments!
I am really happy to see that you like this "exotic" destination.
Today I once again reworked the groundpoly after I was not happy with its overall appearance. The result is an even better blending to standard/FTX surroundings, a more realistic sand color and edge blending and a highly improved night look of the entire airport. Screenshots will follow tomorrow!
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As promised:The screenshots after the last modification of ground colors and some night fixtures. These are now most likely the final version!

Improved sand colors

Overflying the airport after sunset

on final

As I have never posted detailed images of some of the airport buildungs which are not close to the apron here they are:

As you can see my Marsa Alam project now is more the less on "final approach"! ;)

Have anice weekend!

PS: Just to clarify after some questions concerning the image editing: All posted images are always representing the original look from within FSX without any changes in Photoshop! Just the WIP bar is added but nothing else is edited!