FSX Released! Marsa Alam, Egypt

Are you making layer per layer, example: runway texture (apply it in 3dsmax/gmax or whatever), over it in different layer put the runway markings and etc.. or all in one, example: runway texture and merge over it the runway lines and apply it ?? thanks
Sorry for no answers or updates lately. I was pretty busy with things aside from scenery design...
Work is now in full swing again!

@Tekica: The groundpoly is done by layering all of the different elements (1. Asphalt, 2. markings, 3. cracks, 4. skidmarks,...)
I really can't wait for Flying there. Airport must be completed more less because Jetman talked about first week of january
Marsa Alam is now turning to final and expecting landing clearance!

Last corrections were made recently. If you compare the sand areas from the last posts and now you can clearly see that I once again improved their appearance. Now I am happy with the tone, the blending and the detail...

More information to follow within the next couple of weeks (or earlier if my free time permits). In the meantime some more pictures of the airport as requested by quite some people:

If you have to enjoy this view your vacation is over ;-) -Airport Entrance-

The more fortnuate view -apron as seen during arrival at the gate ;-)

parked GSE, administration building, fuel depot and parking...

After sunset -showing the major improvements for lights and night apron
Hi Jetman! The Scenery is just madness :) I love the details and the realism of the mediated in your Scenery. I love the North Africa's holiday destinations and hope you make many more like e.g. Hurghada or Enfidha in this impressive quality! :) :) Marsa Alam is purchased in any case on the first day I am really happy it! Keep it up
Thanks a lot for all your kind words!

During the past test flights I once again took some "pictures" of the airport...
I hope you like the atmosphere at Marsa Alam after sunset as much as I do!

Let's start with a daytime image which shows how the scenery blends with FTX:

And here we are after sunset:



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Looks stunning Jetman! There are quite a lot of interesting models at this airport, as far as I can see you did a very good job on getting them propperly represented in FSX, great architectural models!