FS2004 Remove Shaddow & Crash

Making a ground poly in Gmax, I am using an option script in the makemdl.txt to remove the crash box (crash=0). Then I run the mdl through mdlTweaker to remove the shaddow.
After this, the Library Creator fails to make the the lib.bgl with the following report:

Parsing document: library_creator_xml_temp_compile.xml

ERROR C2014: Failed to load model data in file: ..\mdl\Parkplatz.mdl
ERROR C2149: Failed to load model data!
ERROR C2340: Failed to finalize MODEL_DATA!
ERROR C2034: XML Parse Fatal Error (line, column, error)

ERROR: 10, 89, Mindestens ein Argument ist ungültig.

ERROR C2470: Unrecoverable error parsing XML!
ERROR C2006: Parse failed (0x80004005)
ERROR C2003: Failed to process file: library_creator_xml_temp_compile.xml

This error however, does not happen, when I export from gmax without the options script. It seams that MDLTweaker has a problem when the mdl file comes with some options hanging on it already and corrupts the file.
Is there a work around to this? :mad:

Could you maybe include a "Remove Crash" in this tool?:confused:


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This tool is out of development, so there will not be any updates to it.

I always use the crash=0 in my makemdl.cfg file as well, so that should not be an issue. Also given the way MDLTweaker works I would not expect trouble in this case.

Can you maybe show me your MDL file? Maybe I can see anything from it.
Yes, I include the original .mdl as it came out of gmax, which would work and the one that is tweaked, which will refuse to compile in library maker.



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It is weird, your tweaked MDL is smaller than the original one, while the remove shadow command adds more code.

What I see is that you have some "debugging" commands in your original file, I would advice you to export again from GMax but now with settings like optimize on in your makemdl.cfg (by default these should be on already btw). I think those commands are confusing MDLTweaker.
Hi Arno,
I have compiled this example with the whole list of options, that's why the debugging might be on. But the problem also occurs, when I use only the crash=0 option.
I have to admit, this is a plane (groundpoly), wrongly made with FS2004 gamepack but it should still work, shouldn't it?


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Yes, it should still work for a ground polygon. Does it also not work if you just compile with the default options (so no makemdl.cfg at all)?
Once again,
I have exported now with this short list and it works (I had to "on" the optimize):


Thanks for your help. Could you maybe have a look in the gmax forum about my other problem with the bluring textures?