FS2004 Removing Airport Footprint after Moving Airport with ADE

I have been doing a lot of VFR low and slow bush flying in Idaho lately. Two of the airports I frequent a lot are 02ID, Morgan Ranch, and ID74, Sulphur Creek Ranch.

Both are horribly positioned in the default FS2004 Scenery. Both have runway headings completely wrong and both have the airport itself in the wrong place. I have corrected it to the best of my ability by editing the runway heading to match a google earth image placed in ADE as a background image. I then moved both airports to their correct location using the Move Airport Tool in ADE.

They look more correct now and in the correct place with correct runway headings. However, in the Move Airport process it leaves behind, in it's original location and orientation, the stock airport "footprint" for lack of a better term. If a screenshot would help I can include one, but I think you understand what I mean if you have ever moved an airport in FS2004 with the Move Airport Tool and seen where it used to be still flat, green, and no objects. Like a big airport sized rectangle in the sim.

Any way to get rid of that?

I don't know if it's the same in FS2004 but in FSXA you need to lay an exclude general, airport backgrounds over the old airport.


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I think you will need SBuilder or TerraBuilder to do this. ADE does not support this type of exclusion in FS9.
Thanks Jon, I thought SBuilder was the way to do it, too, so I have been "refreshing" myself on it. Hadn't heard of TerraBuilder before. May look in to that as well.