Removing Autogen from stock airport in Photoreal Scenery

I'm trying desperately to get rid of autogen buildings showing up in my airports. I read different thread's about the subject here and I tried all possible solutions with the different terrain polygon's (ExcludeAutogen, Flatten exclude autogen, Flatten Mask class Map ExcludeAutogen, ...) non of which works :-(
I'm using tileproxy for my photoreal scenery and after consulting different forum's the Autogen SDK annotator or any other tool seems not to work with the tileproxy produced tiles/bgl/FLAt or whatever.
The .agn files are located in the corresponding texture folder of the area I fly.
Also, when I make a terrain polygon, compile, I get the xxxCVX.bgl file which I place in the scenery folder together with the airport .bgl.
The buildings still show up. Strangely enough, when I reopen/load the airport .bgl just compiled, and go to Lists, no Terrain polygons are listed (none found)
I certainly hope one you experts could lend me hand with this so after month's and month's roaming different forums I finally can find the solution.


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The terrain polygons are not saved in the BGL (they are in the CVX BGL file and cannot be opened by ADE). When editing your airport you must use File/Save Airport and save the airport as an AD4 file and open that to re-edit the airport.

Are you sure they are autogen buildings? They might be generic buildings and/or library objects. If so, then use the ADE button with a yellow square and create an exclude rectangle around the buildings, set to exclude generic buildings and library objects.
I'm pretty sure it is, they only show up when my Photoreal scenery is active, and I removed (to test) all files in the scenery folder (of the PR).
I also don't see them showing up at the airport layout in ADE. I tried the yellow rectangle around the whole airport, doesn't make a difference.
I've been struggling with this for sooooooo long, surely wished I could find a solution.
If you need more details pls let me know.


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Maybe by uploading your AD4 file might help us see what might be going on.

As Tom said, there shouldn't be any problem in deleting libray files or generic buildings. Maybe even a sceeen shot of what you are trying to delete and where within ADE they are at. What version of FS is this for again?
Hello Doug,
I'm using FSX SP2 and ADE 1.65
This morning I started from scratch just to be sure.
I loaded the stock airport KCMH in ADE and added a terrain poly and then compiled.
I put both files in an active scenery folder way a the top of my scenery.cfg, no other KCMH are there.
As you can see in the screenshot I have buildings on my taxiways.
Without the PR I do not have that problem.
I know it's coming from one of the .agn files inside the texture folder of the PR scenery, I just can't (know how to) figure out which one it is.
Thanks for looking into this.


Hi George,
your reply crossed mine.
Unfortunately, Autogen Annotator doesn't work with Tileproxy tiles :(
Unable at this time captain. When you try to open a bgl file from tileproxy it will give an error "Unable to open file"
I already searched my best friend Google high and low but it seems there's no solution I'm afraid.
I just hope I can at least exclude them, or even better, could find out in what .agn file they are generated.
Can you add autogen without using the annotator (or Arno's sceneproc)?
If negative, then how come there are .agn files in the texture folder? Then the annotator must have had to open the photoreal bgl to do so, or is that a false conclusion?
When you try to open a bgl file from tileproxy it will give an error "Unable to open file"
I already searched my best friend Google high and low but it seems there's no solution I'm afraid.
So you are loading the scenery from TileProxy on the fly?

Can't you create a "proper" photo bgl?
@Roby I didn't make the .agn myself, there's plenty of freeware .agn available for PR
I'm guessing you can use Sceneproc to generate .agn based on openstreet.
Then you just put them in the corresponding texture folder of the PR

@George Yes I'm loading scenery from Tileproxy on the fly
Sorry, once more to be absolutely sure: you start the annotator, then load the photoreal into it and it gives you an error?
Now I believe you:).
I can view the rectangle in the TmfViewer in directory 0601, cvx 4813.bgl covers it exactly. it is a yellow square and if you highlight landclass value 254 it turns pinkish purple:rolleyes:. That is all I know.
I cannot find out what it contains. It must be a scasm based file and is definitely not a photoreal for all I know.
I guess the best thing to do is to 'bak' it up, replace it with a photoreal and then identify the .agn files in annotator.
Right, we might get closer. What you actually got is "transparant landclass", this is when you disable tileproxy and will show the "normal non PR" texture.
The actual PR tile is named ptx4813.bgl.on. I renamed it to ptx4813.bgl and attached it here.
Could you please have a look it that?


Thanks, Gary.
Luc, the only difference that I get now in the TmfViewer is that the square has now turned turquoise:D.
I also noticed that we have an administrator :teacher: that turned up again that may be able to shed some more light on this by the end of next week (as soon as he has struggled through all the questions and threads that concern his tools and that need his input).

PS: What is the purpose of a transparent landclass:scratchch?
Hi Roby,
the transparent landclass tile is there so to be able to switch of the PR during flight without stopping Tileproxy.
So if you disable Tileproxy during flight it actually keeps on running but will load transparent tile, hence showing the normal FS textures.