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Removing Objects From FS

just a quick question about Gmax.
There's a factory in FS, its pretty boring and completely in the wrong place where I live.

So I rebuilt my own one, and put it in the right place.

Question is, now obviously I have 2 factories within the vicinity, how do I remove the old one?

I was wondering whether to create a new bgl file in the same location as the old object, but just create a flat rectangle or something. Maybe that would make the old factory disappear?

Any response gratefully appreciated.
You would have to make an exclude to remove the old one. This can be done in two ways. One is to use ExcBuilder, which gives you a GUI to draw the exclude.

Another option is to read the BGLComp SDK and add the XML commands for the exclude to your placement XML by hand. If you know the coordinates that is rather easy to do.
Example Exclude XML

Here is an example of an Exclude XML file for an airport I made. It was used to remove the trees on a taxiway. The latitudes and longitudes create a rectangle that will remove the the excluded objects that are tagged with TRUE.

Also, when entering the longitudes in the western hemisphere, you will notice the minimum and maximum numbers are reversed because of the negative longitude in the western hemisphere in relation to the prime meridian. This is also true of the latitudes in the southern hemisphere, because of their negative placement to the Equator.

I don't know if it matters a lot, but I always name my exclude files using an underscore " _ " at the beginning of the name. I guess it is just a carryover from FS98, but it seems when I do this, the exclude file gets processed first, which seems to eliminate the problem with the objects not being removed, as with including the exclude in with your object placement XML.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="bglcomp.xsd" >
latitudeMinimum = "N41 05.28"
latitudeMaximum = "N41 05.83"
longitudeMinimum = "W81 00.07"
longitudeMaximum = "W80 59.34"
excludeAllObjects = "TRUE"
excludeBeaconObjects = "FALSE"
excludeEffectObjects = "FALSE"
excludeGenericBuildingObjects = "FALSE"
excludeLibraryObjects = "FALSE"
excludeTaxiwaySignObjects = "FALSE"
excludeTriggerObjects = "FALSE"
excludeWindsockObjects = "FALSE"/>

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Big John
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My new one is raptor1@earthlink.net
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