rename texture operator - specify name?

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I’m doing a ‘repaint’ of a library with 50 or so objects all of which use the same small texture sheet. With Arno’s batch convert it’s easy to assign new GUIDs but it would be nice if I could assign my new texture name to each object without having to do it one by one, including the LM in the Material Editor. The ‘rename textures’ operator does not give any options for assigning names that I can see. Is there a way to do what I need to do more easily than by brute force (and knowing me, the risk of error)?

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Rick, I wish! (Of course I could claim that the result will be so bad that it's only for my current project.) :)


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Since you don't know how many materials an object has the batch wizard can't assume there's only one. So a batch assign material won't help much.

But maybe you can batch assign a material template. I think that option is there.
Thanks Arno! I don't know why I did not thing of that. I'll bet I can just assign the diffuse and LM textures in a material template and use that. Fingers crossed. Doing the material settings one by one was driving me nuts. :)

Edit: It works! That sure saved me a bunch of time, and I could clean up the material properties too.
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