Request - Texture Size "Percentage" in Batch Process

Hi Arno!

I thought I'd make a quick request to see if you think it's worth implementing. Personally I'd be using this a lot, so I wonder if others would be also.


In the batch process, there is the option to resize every texture to a specific resolution. But would it be possible to resize by 50%? In my current project, I work to a 256px per meter work flow, so I use both 1024 and 2048 textures. If I were able to batch process the MDL/BGL by a 50% texture size, then 2048 would become 1024 and 1024 would become 512. This would keep the detail and resolution of the project consistent. Also, being able to specify a prefix for the outputted textures would be handy too!

Having the above feature would make it easy for us to create a low resolution "mode" for the end user that may have a slower PC. I already do this, but the process as it stands is quite time consuming and requires a few Photoshop actions.

Anyway, I hope someone may find this useful!



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Interesting idea to add a percentage resize. I'll check if that is easy to implement.

Prefixing with a string instead of the model name is probably something I can add as well.
Have you tried NConvert/Xnconvert?
Freeware and only supports DXT5 as DDS output compression, but it offers a wide variety of resizing options and offers a batch processing mode.

There's also TextureManager.
Thanks for the link. Texture conversion isn't really the problem, as I have made a few Photoshop actions that do pretty much anything I need. But the ability to have the texture scaled, renamed and then the batch process to output a BGL/MDL with the new texture names in one app would be helpful.