FSX resample and .inf file question


Apparently I am stuck on the following:
I have a photo real summer day texture and a summer night texture.
And I also have a winter day texture and a winter night texture.
I am at a loss to get the winter night texture in.
I can define the parameters for summer day, winter day and night but cannot find a way to also define a winter night.
I thought putting in
"seasons: summer or winter
variation: day or night"
it would work but it does not.
Working with months does not either.
What else can I try?
AFAIK, there is no way to solve it.
You have to compile two bgls (winter day/night and summer day/night) and switch them manually or using custom tool, like Aerosoft's 'SeasonTool'.


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Is the night texture not simply additive over the relevant seasonal day texture?

Why do you need two night textures?

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It is because the winter night texture should not have any green grass in it, to name just one example.
But in some way, and I am still figuring out why it works, it works!?

It is happy hour and soccer as well, so...



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Desaturate the night image under your light retaining the light splash colours as required.

It should be additive (as an example, the areas that are black in the night imagery do not display black in the sim. They are illuminated by ambient moonlight)

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Hi H,
Yes that is what I did without realizing that that was exactly what you said. Your comment about the night texture being additive now makes sense to me.
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