resample tool: many images > many inf files creating automatically


Is there a tool that can write txt or inf files (notepad) where you enter 1) your code that gets always repeatet and then 2) the number of a file that changes. I have 1000 tif files and I do not want to write 1000 inf files, because I do not want a large bgl with 50GB. I read FSX runs slower with only big bgl's.
Or can resample tool handle many files to many bgl's in only 1 inf file?




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Ok, I already have 1GB Files, so this should it be. Do you know a tool, that solves my question?

As Dick said in the other thread you made:

The short answer is no.

Also, it is not advised to post the same question in twice. It isn't going to get you answered any differently, and is likely to annoy those that can answer.

But anyways, no, I don't. Sorry.
Do you have any experience in programming? It takes about 100 lines of code to automate some of the repetitive tasks in scenery design. Like making all those INF files!

Sure beats all the cutting and pasting. :cool:
I personally am partial to the Python programming language. I can tell you that a task like that could be automated in 20 to 50 lines of code. Fairly simple and would take only an hour or so.