Resellers stop using PayPal for payments

Not sure. I heard about TransferWise just now, made a quick research and saw few negative reviews of it, so..
Will stick with classic bank transfer for now, then I'll see.
Ouch, the bank transfer looks like it cost 40%, I think I'll try TransferWise next month....

EDIT: sorry, I recalculated, and it was more like 25%.
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Percentages? That doesn't sound right.
Don't transfers cost a flat fee depending on the bank?
I didn't mean to imply that it was charged at a percentage, just that it worked out to represent a significant chunk.


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I just received my payment. Fees appeared to be about 18.8 EUR + or - a Euro, by my calculations.
Sounds about right to me.


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I found that the total loss (bank transfer and currency change) was about 1.64% this month. I think it is acceptable.
I will try TransferWire next month and see what it will be.
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I strictly refuse to use any PayPal service.

They seem to give them self more authority over your own money than your local bank. My local bank has never held hard earned cash from me for 6 months - PayPal on the other hand, have, due to "suspicious activity". I did send them all signed contracts and invoices regarding the project I was working on that I got payed for... still wouldn't release funds to me.

Terrible service and I would advise anyone else to avoid them and any company that uses them like the plague.