P3D v4 RESOLVED: Parts of exported objects gone....

Hi, me again, king of strange issues :)

Yesterday, I finally came to my complete solution of handling seasonal textures......nearly.....

I settled on to use SODE to have a very adequate appearance of my trees, using MCX with its fantastic visibility conditions to make the ground polys showing up to my satisfaction.

But there is one strange issue and I will post it here because I think it may be a MCX exporting issue maybe:

I made different models of my trees to let them appear properly in all seasonal variants by SODE. That works fine except for some tree models which lost parts after exporting in MCX! The trees have NO VISIBILITY CONDITIONS attached, so all is default.
Those tree models are attached in Gmax, means both small single pines and bigger trees are all one part. When I export them just as a normal mdl file and put them into a tree library for example, they appear intact into the scenery.
When I put this same mdl file into my SODE simobjects model folder and let them appear via SODE command, some trees suddenly are missing! That's strange, because this appearance only happens with my summer styled trees, not all others. I did several experiences with using the winter based trees, merged them into a new Gmax scene, changed their textures into summer trees, exported them with completely new guid and set them into SODE as required. But same result:

Here you can see the correct vegetation with winter textures - I marked the most noticeable areas with red circles, but on the second shot you can see the thinned-out areas well :

And here are the trees like explained above. The mdl file appears fine both in MCX and imported single library object without any seasonal editing:

Well again, king of strange issues :oops:
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Be honest: How many had been curious what mistake I did this time :D.
Okay, I don't want to disappoint you: It was a wrong named texture inside the appropriate SODE texture folder. I am sorry to baffle you but you have my assurance that I was susrprised as well. As yet, I thought wrong named textures will cause black objects. But in this case (SODE), it seems that wrong named texture files let disappear the parts they are used with.

Maybe useful for other users who have the same issues.

Stay tuned to my next didoes :p