FSX [RESOLVED]Problem of importing .mgp file with the latest MCX versions


If I use an MCX 1.4 version of November 2018 the import of an .mgp file is correct (the saved layers appear correctly).

If I use a version 1.4 of March 2019 the import of an .mgp file
imports the saved coordinates but the layer setting is not imported (all layers remain at '8').

Has something been changed?

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On the 16th of November I fixed a bug about the layers not being restored correctly from the mgp file.

This fix should not have backwards compatibility issues, but maybe you can try if saving the mgp file first with the new version fixes your problem on reading it?
I understood in the new version the file names must be lowercase.

before that he recorded in capital letters.

Would you be able to correct that?
Here is a comparison of the two files

Before he automatically recorded the names of the files in capital letters.

Now it records in lower case if the source is tiny.


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Is it possible that during the import
of the .mgp file that is case insensitive upper / lower case?

Thank you
For those who will have the same problem as me,
when you want to import your old '.mgp' in the last
versions ModelConverterX 1.4 and that your layers are not taken into account:

Just change the case of the "layers" lines in the .mgp file

1-Open with Wordpad.
2-Select the "layers".
3- SHIFT + F3 to change to lowercase or uppercase.


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Sorry, missed the notifications. I'll modify the importer so that it's not case sensitive anymore.
Hi Arno,

Thanks a lot for the upcoming change :)
And thank you for continuing to develop MCX

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