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P3D v4 RESOLVED: Suddenly materials missing in Gmax...

Hi to all Gmax experts this time,

currently I am cautiously optimistic to get RAF Brüggen also finished for FSX but there is the next issue I am running into:

Yesterday I changed some minor driver settings in my option under the Gmax viewports menu to get a better resolution on my background images for better placement of objects.
After setting from "OpenGL" to Direct3D" and restarting Gmax, firstly Gmax does not start again. Not before I use my saved Gmax icon Gmax started again but now lots of my used materials are missing!

I suppose the reason for this is that I used some other settings by using the other gmax icon, means, the newer used one has not applied my former settings or paths for my former used materials.
This is very annoying and I hope some of you experts can give me a hint how to get back my paths or settings to my used materials.
Please have a look at the attached shot, maybe you find a solution for that.
Thanks in advance, each help is much appreciated.

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You apparently are not running the FSX gamepack on this version (no FSTools menu). Use the shortcut provided with the gamepack to start GMAX.
Hi, Tom. Thanks for finding - indeed this is the FSX gamepack I am running for about 4 years without any issues. You noticed it well, until yesterday I was able to run the "FSTools" menu by starting it under MaxScript.
This script seems to be lost - no idea, why...

This is the message I get after trying to run "FStools" - material is still missing....

I think Tom is right, you have to start gmax from a FSX-specific link created on installation.

I can replicate your error messages by starting an older gmax and trying to run the bootstrap.ms. Doesn't work. What your faulty (maybe fs9) gmax doesn't have is FSX materials, correct? That would be a pointer.

Try to find the desktop shortcut link that was working for you previously. If all else fails I suppose it can also be re-created manually.

Edit: Probably called FSX_GMax.lnk in ...\gamepacks\FSX_GmaxGamePack\

Also see here: https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/t...-find-fsx-sdk-installation.442162/post-792645
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Thank you very much. Okay, meanwhile I found 3 possible shortcuts. Two of it have FSTools missing inside, one has the FSTools inside the "runscript" listing but shows me the warning above.
Very strange: I did a one to one copy of my complete gmax folder including the working shortcut, but also using this does not work anymore.

I am not sure about, but how dangerous will be a complete reinstalling of Gmax (especially I don't trust Windows 10)?
Hi guys, just resolved it!!!!!

I had to rename ALL paths inside the config - on the very end, I finally got success:
The final line is "Startup Scripts" which I had to guid Gmax to.
Inside "MAXScript" > "configure paths" > "General" all entries led to the main gmax folder which was wrong but not to the correct "FSX_GmaxGamepack", where the correct datas are.
I only got success because I have another version running correctly on my other PC. So I could open the running version and compare all entries inside there. Without that, I would have been close to suicide, man...

One day of excursion, one day waste of lifetime, but man, very very happy now...
Thank you all very much for your effort.