P3D v4 RESOLVED: Two textures added to model, but only one appears in "properties"


reading a book, learning to swim or watching TV sometimes would be a better option to me, but no - I have to waste my time with....well, some people call it "scenery design"...

Okay, yesterday I tried first steps in adding reflecting textures to some of my buildings, and yes, you suppose right, I failed.

To get reflecting windows on the buildings, I add a diffuse color (all buildings textures) and a specular color (for my reflecting windows) into gmax. So usually, in MCX inside material editor's "properties" there now should be two textures. But don't...
When I click into the "textures" section beneath, both textures appear. So what did I wrong, or better, how is it possible to add this texture to my "properties" window?
My intention: Getting this texture into "properties", I will be able to adjust all needed settings inside the "special functionality" section.
Each hint - as always - is much appreciated...
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If both textures appear on the texture tab, they must somehow be in the material already. Could it be you have two versions of the material, one with and one without a specular map?
Thank you for answers. For sure, here are my shots:

First shot, you see only the texture basically applied to the buildings:

Second shot, you see both textures correctly listed as they are applied to the buildings in Gmax. I have to say, due to the limited options in Gmax, I chose "specular colour" for my reflection intention....

So my question is, is it possible at all to add the texture for my window reflections to the buildings like adding night textures? I know that this was possible in FS9/FSX and the night texture appeared in the material editor properties window without problems.
I ask this just because I don't want to rebuild all window sections of each building - just would be glad to use as few textures as possible for the main set of objects....
I think it should work ok the way you've done it, except that you need to understand that you should apply one material only, but with both a diffuse and a specular map. So you won't see, or need to see, more than one material.
So you should have one material as it is, but with 'blend environment by specular map alpha' ticked.
In your case you could get away without using the specular texture, just add the reflection masking to your diffuse alpha, and then tick 'blend environment by inversion of diffuse alpha'.


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If you click on the material in the properties window and scroll down in the attributes I expect you see both textures listed indeed.


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I agree - it appears you have one material with two textures - a diffuse texture and a specular texture. A material can contain up to around 8 different textures. As Arno says, click on your material, then scroll down the listing on the right side to see all the textures assigned to this material.
This conversation is tagged P3D V4, so are you using MCX to export to V4.4+ using PBR materials, or is it a mix of PBR and FSX, or is it just checking how your gmax-generated FSX materials show up in MCX's Material Editor?

Notice that there are significant differences regarding texture names and material parameters depending on whether you do FSX or PBR materials.

One thing, in FSX materials you wouldn't use the specular texture (your _s.BMP texture) to create reflectivity. Reflectivity usually comes from the alpha channel of the diffuse (black=mirror effect). Specularity is shine, a different thing altogether, its diffuse color should rarely be stark white (spec is additive!), and its alpha is used to govern the spread of the highlights (white alpha=small highlights, black=spread-out highlights). In both cases you would have to use 32-bit (RGBA) textures, and the preferred format would be DDS dxt5, not BMP (terribly costly in file size with no noticeable quality boost). Better re-check the SDK under FSX naterials.

PBR is a wholly different kettle of fish...
Thank you all very much!
Yes, indeed, Arno - I found both textures, and the ***_s.bmp texture is automatically added into the "textures options" section. But only the diffuse texture appears in the properties section. That means, I am only able to change my needed settings inside the "special functionality" section for just the diffuse texture, not my specular texture I would like to edit.
@arno and Tom:
Yes, I have two textures added to my buildings object.
So if I understand you right, I should have to add two materials to my buildings to get both needed textures inside the "properties" section, right? That's heavy just because of this, I have to rework my buildings to add the needed reflection textures to my windows. But is it possible to just create a reflection with to added textures? Sorry if I cause a misunderstanding...
I got excited to read your lines, that sounds fantastic. I ticked all options like your suggestion, but unfortunately nothing happened. My specular texture is set to alphachannel with pure black in the background, only the windows appear. Format is DXT1.
Here are my shots of my settings, maybe I miss some defining setting:

Upper side:

Lower side:

@mjahn: No, I am currently far away to be able to work with PBR :duck:....no skills so far. It's P3Dv4.2 I am using for my accidents ;)
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@ all: YOU MADE MY DAY!!!!

I simply missed to change "use global environment map as reflection" and it works now!
I would particulary like to thank Toprob for your hint with the special ticking options. Without all your genuises around here I never would be able to create anything. Thank you!
BTW: Is there any option to get the real simulator environment instead of the global one? That would be Christmas to me already in summer....
Okay, using "dynamic reflections" in P3D don't show needable results so far. Look very strange so I went back to global environment (no dynamic reflections ticked...), but increase "specular map power scale" a lot (up to 150), so the effect fits nice into the building now. Not sure how to handle this with the users though...