FSXA Rev up - idle + switching views = stuck engine sounds

There are 4 scenarios of engine idle, revving then idle and switching between view 1 and 2 to check.
Beware though, if you've got revving engines by simply starting them [more than 1] or by switching through the views without doing anything else, e.g. the default 747-400, then you've got wav files being referenced by more than 1 parameter set, or have a 4 engine plane running on a 2 engine sound config e.g. the default 747-400 and you need to sort that out first.

The legend I've used is as follows:

up = rev up engine [best to take it to full throttle]
down = idle engine
1 = view 1 [vc ]
2 = view 2 [outside]
1 - 2 - 1 = switch from view 1 to 2 then back to 1

In all cases, after running a scenario, switch through the views again with the engine at idle to see if only the idle sound is being played.
So far I've found that the view you are in when you idle the engines, is the view that will have a stuck sound when you cyle back through the views.

The scenarios to test are:

1. up 1 - 2 - 1 down
2. up 1 - 2 down
3. up 2 - 1 - 2 down
4. up 2 - 1 down

I've tested the Realair C172 and B-24 with their own sound files and each others + my modded sound file.
The results are:

Realair with orig sound - ok in 1 and 4, stuck in 2 and 3
Realair with B-24 sound - as above
Realair with modded B-24 sound - stuck in all 4
B-24 with orig sound - ok in 1 and 4, stuck in 2 and 3
B-24 with Realair sound - as above
B-24 with modded B-24 sound - stuck in all 4

Clearly my modded cfg [2 engine to 4 engine] is a step backwards in the stuck sounds department. The only significant difference I can see between my cfg and either of the orig cfg's, is that the orig cfg's are making use of the [prop] parameter, which according to msdn esp is for variable pitch props.

The C172 is a fixed prop and whilst the pitch on the B-24 is movable, it can only be feathered, but maybe use of the [prop] parameter at least overcomes two of the problem scenarios.

One trick to stop the problem is if there was a way to have the view button also send a QQ every time it was pressed.

Would like to hear from anyone who has a a/c that doesn't suffer from these issues.
Nailed it!! Though wether it's a fsx bug or an issue with my realtek onboard audio, I can't say.
But what I have discovered is that mono sounds get stuck, stereo sounds don't.
The answer seems simple, make all sounds stereo, but, sound cones don't work on stereo files, at least not on my realtek chip.

This explained why the realair c172 was ok when the throttle position was changed whilst in vc [view 1], all the files for view 1 are in stereo!

So the best workaround is to make all view 1 sounds stereo as cones don't really matter so much in view 1, and make all view 2 sounds mono so cones work in view 2, then just make sure you only move the throttles when in view 1, which would generally be the case anyway - problem solved, though a bandaid solution, not a true fix.

Would love to hear from others who do or do not have this issue and what audio chip their using.