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FSXA Rocky island almost done

Ì'm making a litle rocky isle (with FsxKml), I achieved with Dem and landclass (rock desert), but now I must get rid of water, the defaullt landclass, and shorelines, I know the theory of FsxKml, but I no get the hang of it, the worst is to remove the water and add it again with the new coastline, please could someone to give a guide of how the process go, I wil put a picture and it will can be viewed better.For each modification must be one bgl file?,


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Could you explain the DEM part please? I need to make a couple of "terrained" islands myself that would otherwise show as flat terrain.
All right, as simple as to get a geotiff elevation data, but you should have global mapper, (a payware product) and geotiff data from Srtm worldwide elevation data, I don't know if exist freeware sofware to accomplish this task, can you believe that I have not been able to solve this question yet :D,It's said that you can do mesh with sbuilder ?¡
You have to add polygons tagged as excludes for each thing you need to take out


1. Polygon to exclude the existing water (tag with Exclude_Hydro_Polygons_Generic_Ocean_Perennial)
2. Polygon to exclude the existing coastline (tag with Exclude_Coastlines_Polygons_Generic_Ocean_Perennial)

And so on.Then add each modified item

1. Polygon to place the water back in (tag with Hydro_Polygons_Generic_Ocean_Perennial)
2. Polygon to place theCoastlinesback in (tag with Coastlines_Polygons_Generic_Ocean_Perennial)

And so on......
I read every tutorial about this thing and followd step by step, making an island , but this has become an imposible for me, I 've designed new coastline with success, but with this island not have been luck, I think I must try with sbuilderx, people say thta is a good tool for this,. thank you :cool:
Hi Bernardo!

I know you are used to work with ADE. With ADE you can also do it.
Start with an exclude all and then just add a water polygon again for making the new shoreline just and exactly as OZ_John explained.

PS (habit of me): and when using ADE (because I suppose you would want an airport on your island), make your airport at the elevation you want and the terrain around your airport will slope towards the sea. And if you want some more elevation differences you can make them with flattens with vertices at different heights.
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