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Romoving trees in fsx se

Hi all

I have 4 autogen trees in orbx scenery I would like to remove from an airstrip I'm working on can anyone point me in the right direction on anyway to do this

Did you try to make a exclusion terrain polygon for the area where the trees are?
Thank you for the reply
Can I make an exclusion with airport design editor? I downloaded ADE and had a play. Trying to get my head around it. I loaded up my flight in FSX and selected top-down view took a print screen and saved it as a jpeg. Then I opened ADE set up new airport and added my background, Moved the image which has the red cross were the aircraft is, to match the location of the aircraft in ADE (is this the way to do it? )
Selected the exclusion and selected the area with the trees. I compiled the airport ran fsx again and it rebuilt the airport data base, but the trees are still there
Must be doing something wrong



Yes, you can make those exclusions for ADE. SBuilderX is another option.

I am not an expert in using ADE myself, but the workflow you are describing sounds OK. Of course your background image needs to be aligned correctly for the exclusion to be in the right location. And what type of terrain polygon did you draw? There are many types that can be assigned and not all exclude autogen.
Hi Arno

Thank you for the reply what type of polygon should I use
Here is what I have done so far not sure If I am on the right track
You would use the type airport background with the exclude autogen option normally.
You would use the type airport background with the exclude autogen option normally.
Hi Arno

Thanks for the help Tried that but still not working, maybe I have missed a step