Running out of options for solving my AI problem


I mentioned this in other forums, so I apologize if you have already had to deal with my sad situation. I thought the audience here be a little different here and may have some additional insights.

While testing the AIG AI Manager around Christmas, I discovered that I was having very few arrivals of AI traffic. At the time, I had a hybrid of UTL, AI BGLs and the GA packages from ORBX. Traffic was running great before I noticed the problem, but I'm not sure when the problem arose. Specifically, at all airports, with all airlines, with UTL traffic or BGL traffic, I would see lots of traffic on the ground (100+ depending on the airport/time), but probably 1/10 of the scheduled arrivals. Tested airports included KATL, KSEA, VHHH, RJAA, EDDF, KLAX and others. I monitored traffic with the explorer in traffic toolbox, and confirmed that not only were the flights never appearing visually, they were never listed in explorer. The ones that did pop up in explorer landed without incident. Traffic settings were always at 100% in UTL and P3D with no limit in FSUIPC. AIFP does not pick up any FS9 traffic bgls. I watched the sim for hours at different airports, in different regions, at different times, but the problem was always the same.

Steps I have taken to find/solve the problem
1. Activated/deactivated airlines in UTL/AIG and compared. Result: Problem persists regardless of source.
2. Removed FSUIPC and tested without it installed. Result: Problem persists.
3. Re enabled the default traffic BGL. Result: Flights in BGL never show up on ground or in the air. BGL is not recognized by ACA2017.
4. I was still on 4.3. I installed 4.4 client. Result: Problem persists and default traffic BGL still not visible.
5. I installed the 4.4 content and scenery. Result: Problem persists.
6. Uninstalled UTL using the clean uninstall process outline on their forum and running CCleaner. Result: Problem still persists
7. Removed AIGAIM and every trace of it I could find in my system including all installed AIG aircraft and the bits and pieces of the program in the various P3D folders. Result: problem persists
8. Removed any bits and pieces of any other traffic I had installed (FLAI and MAIW for example). Result: Problem persists
Right now the only traffic BGL I have installed are the ones from ORBX (tried with and without). They are recognized by ACA2017, but I cannot see the traffic on explorer or in the sim. I am running out of options, but I really don't want to do a full reinstall due to time constraints (I get about two 1 hour blocks for sim time on Saturdays due to having a young son).

I have read a couple posts referencing "delete generated files", but I'm not sure what that does. If it will delete my scenery.cfg, can I move all of my scenery over to xml format with Addon Organizer to avoid having to reinstall all of my airport scenery? It looks like ORBX must sit in the scenery config, but I can uninstall that stuff. I don't have that much.

Can anyone come up with any other ideas before I go with the nuclear option?
Sorry if I missed something here. This has been a 50 day ordeal. If I had all of that time in 1 block, I would have just started from scratch by now