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FS2004 Runway Centerline Lights and VASI from XML File

It might be that the N and One approach name is not being parsed correctly?

<Parameters flags="0c000b39" config=""N" and One" modelNames="Approach|" params="1|17||10.0|0.0|||160.0|||0.0" >
Yes, deleting the strip sections that contained the N and One entries fixed the problem and allowed to airport to load normally.
If you check line 1722 of the placement file, you'll see the problem, i.e., an extra set of quotes in """N" and One". That will be easy to fix. I will meake a new development release once I fix that

Re your earlier message, I'm not sure I understand the problem with Funnel, ie., how it develops. Perhaps you could provide a little more detail.

Re the query about standards you posted elsewhere in this forum, your message appears not to have properly registered in that thread. But to answer it, ground illumination is placed with ground polys (similar to those in ADE-GP). There's a whole new section in the user manual on how to create them. Incidentally, they don't seem to work in PV5 which seems to have some special requirements for GPs which I have yet to identify.
Thanks, the "N" is indeed the problem, as I stated above. My posts were on the second page - I miss those all the time too. :)

The funnel problem was explained in post #7:

and you fixed that problem when using the sequence I posted. But while it has been for the most part eliminated, there are apparently still a few ways to create that error. However, I have not been able to find a reliable way to create the error at this time and thus cannot give you a method to generate it. Therefore I needed a workaround when it (somewhat randomly) appeared again. Since this has to do only with Classic systems and the workaround is quite easy I am not too concerned about it, but thought I would post the workaround here for others if they encounter it. If I find a reliable method I will post it here.
Thanks. I was actually referring to your mention of Funnel in Post 13. But, in reviewing that comment, I now appreciate it simply refers back to Post 7.

It would appear AFLT "ties itself into a knot" with repeated selection of a classic system. When you select MALSF as the work-around, you reset everything having to do with Classic and so you're back to the initial state.

As noted in the initial sticky above, there's a problem with ground-illuminating standards that I'm currently wrestling with. One I get those working again, I'll chase the Funnel issue.