Runway holding position Issue

Hello everyone, how many meters does the Runway holding position and the runway not exceed?
I designed the actual situation, The Runway holding position and the runway are about 478 meters long, but I can't receive the tower channel, I have to move to the red line area to receive the channel, But this has left the Runway holding position, Can this be solved?
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First, go to the View menu in ADE and click on Hold Short Node Limits to make them visible. To allow takeoff clearance, the relevant red hold short circles must be touching the ADE runway surface.
And it must be touching the actual runway - the chevron marked overrun area is not counted as runway (but displaced threshold are counted).
you could even try this by putting the taxiway on a steeper angle like EGKK, in the stock FSX EGKK the hold short is not touching the runway and works ok, do a search for EGKK to find a thread about hold shorts
i have many airports that work perfectly well without a single hold short touching the runway


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I'm not the only one Tom,
Craig Scott had my version of ZBAA with the new runway 1/19 working perfectly without a single hold Short touching the runway on any of the taxiways the that are attached to that runway
Aces managed it with EDKK and another airport that i can put my finger on at the moment
without getting into a debate I'm just saying it is possible to do