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RWY12 Object Placer

While I am still anxiously awaiting Arno's ObPlacer XML (because I know it will be the most thoroughly designed tool available), I did see that there was a new library object placer available on AVSIM called RWY12. Has anyone tried it yet? Does it have the same placement problems as SceneGenX? I'm about to try it myself, but as I am only in the beginning stages of KBWI I'm still doing GMAX development. All those little extra's are still a ways off!

Matt Perry
Hi Matt,

Interesting tool. In theory it does almost the same as my ObPlacer XML tool will when it is finished. To me it seems the difference is that my tool is more for the scenery designer as it allows you to add your own MDL objects or XML libraries easy. But for placing generic objects of FS both will do fine.
Yeah, the program is good for placing 'general' MDL files.
I am examining the XML coding behind it, for it might be possible to add your own XML listing to the a current file for your own placement abilities.
I'll get back here as soon as I see if it is possible.

Sean E.
After a small install problem (my FS9 path is not the default), I got RWY12 working just fine. It does like to place the default objects, but I ran into problems with my library objects. I created a library of 4 .mdl's with arno's library creator, and created the "add_" XML file required by RWY12. I was able to load the library, choose my objects, and place them just fine. However, once I loaded FS9 the default objects looked great, but my library objects were turned about different axis and were scaled strange. I must admit that I was using older gmax files that I created for KORF as objects back when I was first starting, so some of the mdl scales might have been feet instead of meters. That would explain the scaling problems, but I can't figure out why the objects wouldve been turned on their sides. I'll look at it more when I get home.

I am also having an issue with the program.
I does great in placing the objects (love that REALLY well)
My issue is that I am placing tweaked MDLs that rotate to user and about half of them won't rotate. Either that or they are static at a terrible angle.
I am thinking that this might be a problem of the BGLCOMP and not the models and the software.
Other than this issue, it does place objects very well and it is very simple to create your own MDL library to use within the program.

Kudos to the designer.

Sean E.
Got it to work! I just had to go back to the beginnings and erase all the mdl and xml files that I had been fooling with. I merged all the gmax models into one gmax file (just so I could keep better track of them and make sure their scales were all the same). Then I exported each mdl inividually, and then hand compiled the library. Took that information to the "add_" xml file for RWY12. Added the objects and wah-la! They appeared correctly. I don't know what part of it was what fixed the problem exactly... but thought I'd post that I did get it to work.

Actually I come to ask you folks for some help regarding RWY12:

The application indeed places the objects with more or less accuracy, but, big BUT, only in my default sceneries. I´ve tried to add objects in several add-on sceneries without success. Zilch ! :(

I´d appreciate any hints on how to solve this. I´m a sim freak for a long time, my scenery design skills however reduce to successfully install a third party scenery properly.

Thanks in advance !

Where did you place the BGL files you created? If these are placed in a lower layer then the addon scenery you want to add the objects to, the exclude of the addon scenery can also exclude your new objects.

Try to place the new BGL you made in the scenery folder of your addon scenery or at least in a higher layer.
I tried several options:

The generated bgl was placed into the addon scenery/scenery folder. Nothing !

The generated bgl was placed into the addon scenery/XYZscenery/scenery folder. Nothing !

The generated bgl was placed into the FS9/scenery folder. Nothing either !

I´ve installed the Static Object Library folder in FS9/addon folder as requested by rwy12 installation instructions as first priority.

Funny thing is that FS9 generates the bgl file in the opening screen after every change.

maybe You should try something like this. Create a folder, let's say C:\SCENERY and in it, create folder MY_SCEN and in this one folders SCENERY and TEXTURE. You should have a directory structure like this:
Now put Your stuff in the last two folders (Scenery and Texture). Then start FS2004 and go to settings -> scenery library and then press Add scenery and search for C:\SCENERY\MY_SCEN and add this folder (don't pick SCENERY subfolder!). Then shutdown FS and restart and check again. Maybe this way the scenery will show?
My first steps in GMAX-BGLC in last month were unsucessfull just because of some exclude I made in the same area where I wanted to test my object and this is one of the solutions of the problem.

Best regards,
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