RWY12 uploaded at AVSIM

RWY12, a program for xml coding in FS9 (similar to ObPlacer) is ready at AVSIM. I downloaded it and installed it and it appears pretty easy to use, just need to add some more objects to their default library and I will pretty pleased with it.

File name:
I had the honor of being one of the beta testers for this program.
Very easy to use. I already made a new library ( people) and used it
for my new soon to come scenery. I made the library using Arno's
Tool :)


I have used the program and think it is quite easy. But I tried to add my own library using arno's tool (I've posted this problem earlier today elsewhere in the forums) and my objects are all on their sides... looks like the X and Z axis are swapped. Have you encountered this yet?

Hi Matt, I just tried it again last night and got the same problem with my "add_library". My buildings look really odd on their sides, and my cruise ship looked like the Titanic going down! :rolleyes:

I have reported the bug to the designers....but I think I'll just wait on Arno's program anyway. I trust his ability and his support level :twocents: .
I was able to get it to work finally. I posted my sucess in the other thread in this forum concerning RWY12, but forgot to post it here! I just basically had to start my compling over from scratch. Don't know what I changed but it worked!


I wish to learn how to add GMax objects to a library for use with RWY26.

I see mention of Arno's Tool, can someone tell me where to get it please?

Also is there a tutorial for "newbies" on how to construct this library.


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