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RWY26 Sim MKJP 2017- Norman Manley Intl.

As some of you may or may not know, I'm currently working on scenery for MKJP (Kingston, Jamaica). This scenery will be payware and will feature a high quality rendition of the real world airport in its current state. This will be a complete overhaul from the ground up of my previous 2015 Freeware version. This is a project that I'm working on alone and for that I cannot at time give an idea of a release date. For more frequent updates, please follow my @rwy26sim Instagram account, which can also be found on my site www.rwy26simulations.com

Stay tuned and I hope you like!

This is a fantastic start and look forward to seeing your progress on this. Usually for any Jamaica flights I go in and out of Sangster but may have to change that!