S-100 (aircraft) animator needed.

(This is an aircraft model not a scenery object)

Looking for a modeler experienced in animation to finish a free FSX/P3D ship.
Specifically looking for a way to launch torpedoes and depth charges and have them disappear.
Not really looking to go to TacPac as there are no targets to shoot at.
There are some other objects to animate but the weapons are key. You will see from the pics the boat has great lines
and is well on its way to being finished. This boat was started by a well know SOH developer but needs help getting across the finish line.


Agreed, having them launch in a realistic manner and then stay underwater could be an option.
If they moved to some location once underwater could be interesting from a P3D u/w point of view.
Initially I would be happy to see them either roll off the stern or jump forward out of the torpedo tubes.