FSXA SAA (South American Airports) Chilean Volcanoes Pack FSX/P3D All

Otavio Bonomi

Resource contributor
Temuco is not a military base?
At the moment I found the airport of Iquique more attractive, with regular commercial flights and good infrastructure. Take a look.

I already started to model the TMA.
iquique tma.jpg

Otavio Bonomi

Resource contributor
After analyzing the two airports (Araucania and Iquique), I chose to make Araucania first because it is much smaller and less complex.
Check if the terminal is good, I created a blue light effect to look like the real.
I still want to remove the blue color from the glasses to make them more authentic.

araucania tma night.jpg

I could not reproduce this tone so I chose blue


Araucania back ground

I changed the colors of the glasses
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