FSXA Saab MFI-17 "Mushshak (The proficient)"

Good to see work is continuing on the MFI-17. I'm still finding myself using this model as my go-to aircraft on a daily basis. It's fun! What I would like changed - if possible - is the ability to disappear the stick so I can have a unobstructed view of the panel. Also, if possible, would like to have the non-operating HSI fixed for changing course when I activate the autopilot. Any ideas?
I can tell you, MUSHSHAK T-17 works as well in Prepar3DV5, but I still need more moden Cockpit as RDAF (real Glass Cockpit) I fly in Danish Virtuel ESK701, so I hope.


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All options are considered once I restart work on this model, seems like a lot is left to be done. Multiple cockpit Options, Along with glass cockpit and redone 3d models is on the table and the integration of Autopilot

Thanks for your reply, this is a brilliant airplane, and we use it in our Danish ESK701, and hope for the next update (Cockpit) .