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FS2004 Samui International Airport

Some more picture with garden and moving vehicle.
I need to do the driver and passengers inside the car. Unfortunately, I cannot do 3 d figure for that.



Some more pictures:

Service bus with driver.

Old control tower with fire house

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:p Just a small post to say hello to Jtanabodee and Budi Santoso.

i really appreciate your asian projects.

Once again, if one of you know Thai Creation team (Xin Chao Hanoi), i am eager
to know if they are going to release a FSX version of Hanoi ? Thanks !


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As far as I know for Hanoi, Thai Creation is learning about FSX feature which is not easy as fs2004. Once they fell comfortable with that, they will release FSX version.
Hopefully, the new flight sim will not come yet. Or we should skip to the new platform?
Shopping center on the way walking to departure gate.

Detail of the light pole with unique design.

Night light
Adding some more trees make this shopping center a nicer place. Floor was done in detail and it is ground poly.


A clock tower is in front of the main entrance to the gates.


Night light is done. I estimated the light pattern by the site of spotlight in the pictures but I don't want to add spotlights. Since it might be too detail and no one notice those tiny little lights.

Shopping center in the dawn. Night light is beautiful.

The gate with night light.
Wow, that's amazing work jtanabodee! Nice job with the night maps around the shopping center, that looks awesome :)

Thanks guys for your comments. It is so much fun actually.
Some more pictures here. The light pole in the parking ramps. Full details including security cameras. One of the A319 captains in Bangkok Airways sent real picture to me. So I can work on details.


Overall light atmosphere among gates. I'll add some more lights in the garden.

Inside the gates.

Check in building.


Inside check in building.
:p Hey Jtana ! Thats very beautilful But dont you have any airport screens, i mean pictures of the runway and taxiways ? (lol i am kidding).
And dont answer me now, it must be midnight right now.

:D and for the landing, sweep flowers out of the runway pleeeease.


Congrat, at last another scenery is South east ASia.
:p Hey Jtana ! Thats very beautilful But dont you have any airport screens, i mean pictures of the runway and taxiways ? (lol i am kidding).
And dont answer me now, it must be midnight right now.

You question got me to look back and correct something more.
Since it is a "Showroom", if you are not ready to "show" you will probably hide them under the carpet waiting until ready.

I got the idea from this http://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/showthread.php?t=22824&page=3
The runway is very beautiful so I went back and modified mine. It is not easy since the runway is not just only strait one.



You can notice the taxiway and runway connected without the edge. That's the way real thing is. I needed to cut the runway in and make new polygon for the taxiway junction. I think the result worths it.

You know what! I need to post my project from time to time since this is the prove of my work. Last project I used this web to prove to4-shared and media fire when someone uploaded my scenery and let other people download for free. These works take SO MUCH time. Proved by the time first posted.
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