Saving Error


I have many older FS9 AF2 files; they just contain single bush strip, and still work correctly in FSX.

Now, I want to adapt them to FSX. I use ADE 52 "Transfer to FSX" item.
I think it just decompile old FS9 file, and recompile as FSX file?

I need to make some light changes, especially to adjust elevation more precisely, and use new Mag Var.
I made the changes for Mag Var, then click Save in dialog box; then, when I want to save the file, I get a first message box:
(no title) Got Error - OK button
I click ok, then second message box:
Titel: Bgl File Save - OK button
I click ok.
However, when reopening the file, no change has been saved.

As an other part, such "Transferred to FSX" bgl files can't be read in FSX Planner: I get the message "There are no airports in this XML file"

Thanks for help!
Pierrot - FMEP


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Can you post one or more of these files please so that I can take a look ath them?