Saving jpg to bmp

I have a FS9 spring tree texture I want to make less bright. I can make a jpg for editing - making it less bright with photo gallery. What settings do I use when saving it as a bmp?

Hi Terry:

Are you using the image for a texture material on a 'crossed-cards' type of 3D tree model ? :scratchch

If so, IIRC, you only need DXT1 BMP for FS9 to implement 'On / Off' transparency rather than DXT3 for 'variable' transparency.


(This assumes you have already created an Alpha channel in the texture to define areas intended to be display as Transparent)


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Gary !!
What's 'IIRC' ??
My answer is yes - as you see in the attached screenshot. I tried it this morning & got this. This DXT1.bmp grab_046.jpg
Don't forget to add an alpha channel, using black for the tree elements, on a pure white background. If you have DxtBmp by Martin Wright you can add such an Alpha on the fly.
Sure, but you see the Alpha preview window, and the Alpha options? Use these options to get a basic black and white alpha, then make all stuff that's supposed to be visible black, and the rest white. Then save as dxt1 with alpha.