SBuilder 205 for FS2004

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Hi all.

A question occasionally comes up about the availability of SBuilder for 2004.

FSDeveloper is now hosting SBuilder 205 revision 06 in the Downloads.

Please visit:

Navigate to... Downloads | Scenery Design | Tools | SBuilder for 2004

The download is It can then be unzipped to anywhere on your computer and run from the resulting SBuilderFS9 folder. Before running, you must have FS2004 installed on your computer.

The initial run will take a few minutes, as SBuilder copies the needed textures from your default FS2004 install.

That should do it. Remember to register SBuilder... it's free for non-commercial usage. A free password, courtesy of Luis Sá has been included... just cut and paste it from the "FreePersonalPassword.txt" file.


Having Peter Dowson's FSUIPC version 3.90 added to FS2004 lends it's fuctionality to SBuilder:


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