SBuilder map calibration


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Hi everyone!

This is a re-posting of a message from the forum, I´m doing this becuse the activity in that forum seems to be very low...


I have run into a small problem. Normally, the photo-maps that I use are not very large, and therefor I have not needed to perform a proper calibration of the map. Right now however I´m working with a map that is some 10 kilometers wide, and it seems that this map gets stretched a bit in SBuilder.
I assume that the calibration is meant to cure this problem. When I place my map I enter the coordinates of the four corners, as should be done. But when I, for example, want to calibrate the map and starting with the north-west corner, I always need to press the M-key to get SBuilder to accept my click, which is a shortcut if I have understood things right...

I would just like to have a little more info on how the calibration should be carried out. Any help appreciated! I will look into this tonight, so perhaps the problem will solve itself.

All the best!

/hans :wave:


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I´ll answer myself here... hold yer horses, it indeed looks like I only needed to enter the coordinates again, as calibration... Looks ok, albeit a little squeezed, for now, but I´ll raise the issue again should it be that the result in FS is misbehavin´. Gee, that´s a long sentence! :D



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Hi Hans,

I tried to answer your question in the PTSIM forum. I hope you can work out the calibration of the maps.

Regards, Luis